We aid our associates to grow their business

Codage Habitation was started in 2020, by the motive of Grow and Escalate your Business. We have delivered our custom development projects for 24 countries, growing in number of employees.

High-quality digital product is created on the basis of strategy, creativity and technology.

The great software is developed only and only if it was communicated well when it was in the developing phase. Our Team is ready to help you because it’s the right thing to do.


Web Application Development

Javascript, Headless CMS, Phython, PHP, Ecommerce


Mobile Application Development

React native, Android, Flutter


Digital Marketing

SEO, Link building, Content Marketing, Content Writing

We not only follow trends, we generate them

We assist businesses to become innovation leaders by providing them software programs on demand and according to their needs. We also assist you to select the ideal and appropriate technologies to invest in, choose the best and most effective design as well as procedures to follow and supervise the successful delivery of their software program.

We have already assisted companies from Start-ups, NGOs and multinational companies that went public, and became one of the top companies in their field.

Looking for Custom pricing?

We learn from our experience and make them count to do work, Our Business Executive are Happy to talk with you.

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