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What is WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce is the best-known E-Commerce platform in the world. Who wants to develop their online store (websites, web applications, etc) then WooCommerce is the best alternative. WooCommerce has a wide range of features for E-Commerce.
  • WooCommerce is WordPress Plugin that was first launched in 2011. And rapidly it is admired by most WordPress developers for developing E-Commerce websites. Nowadays WooCommerce powered many E-Commerce websites in the world. Basically, WooCommerce is open source and free of cost. It is also flexible to use and accepted by large communities.
  • WooCommerce is free and easy to download software. However WooCommerce software is free but It cost for domain name and web hosting services to set up the website.
  • WooCommerce is an open-source E-Commerce platform. It comes with a wide range of features and is also easy for beginners. Using WooCommerce you get complete authority over your E-Commerce online store. You can easily update your website.
  • Actually, WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress so you get all the advantages from various features of WordPress too. The features of WooCommerce are exceptionally flexible and adjustable so you can easily sell your product using innovative ways. Using Woocommerce you can develop as many online stores for your E-Commerce business because WooCommerce doesn’t include licensing fee.
  • On this platform, there are various designs and templates for your E-Commerce store on WooCommerce. So you can choose whichever you like from there for starting phase of your online store while developing. All of the designs and templates have customization options available.

"I do think there is a lot of potential if you have a compelling product and people are willing to pay a premium for that. I think that is what Apple has shown. You can buy a much cheaper cell phone or laptop, but Apple’s product is so much better than the alternative, and people are willing to pay that premium."

Pros of WooCommerce

Pros of WooCommerce

When cellular against different models for on-line outlets, WooCommerce stands move into that it offers:

  1. Nice Flexibility

    One of the explanations why WooCommerce is thus well-liked is that business homeowners will use it to sell all types of merchandise, in spite of their niche. you'll be able to sell:

    • Physical things like couches or hair merchandise
    • Downloadable merchandise like novels or comics
    • External merchandise like Amazon affiliates
    • Invites to webinars or coaching sessions

    It conjointly has high measurability that permits businesses of all types of sizes to with success got wind of look. You won’t have to be compelled to worry about your business increasing past the plugin’s capabilities.

  2. Limitless Customization choices

    WooCommerce helps you produce a store that's specific to the kind of merchandise you supply. it's associated virtually infinite quantity of free Plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory. you'll be able to notice the paid variations on and Codecanyon.

    The number of themes is simply as spectacular. even though you don’t notice an issue that speaks to you, you'll be able to select one that cuts quite shut and customize each of its sections from the header to the tiniest detail.

    One large and is you don’t have to be compelled to be to a fault tech-savvy, seeing because the WooCommerce wizard permits you to tinker with the location with no data in CSS or hypertext markup language. Or, you'll rent an organization like ours to handle all the additional services.

  3. Most Security

    This being an internet platform, you’ll have to be compelled to have secure gateways in situ in order that your customers’ credentials aren’t compromised. WooCommerce comes with secure payment lines like Paypal and Stripe.

    The Platform being thus well-liked, it’s extremely targeted by hackers each day. The developers update it frequently to forestall cyberattacks. However, the plugin doesn’t associate with backups to assist restore knowledge just in case associate attack is fortunate.

    You can add a backup that stores info in its encrypted kind to keep up your customers’ confidentiality.

    WooCommerce conjointly permits you to feature a security plugin that frequently scans your website for malware, therefore adding an additional live to bar hackers.

  4. Interactive Community

    There are or so four.5 million WooCommerce websites operative. the massive user base is distributed across many forums wherever members share articles and guides on configurations that have worked for them.

    The large user base conjointly ensures that WooCommerce won’t get interrupted any time shortly. The plugin can therefore stay relevant for as long as folks continue victimization it.

    Here are many of our favorite forums for all things WooCommerce.

    Advanced WooCommerce

    This is a closed Facebook cluster that has all types of WooCommerce specialists. It boasts of over 25000 members, together with WordPress developers. Its primary focus is the lot of advanced aspects of WooCommerce. It’s the place to travel once your queries are quite Google will chew.

    WooCommerce facilitate & Share

    It’s conjointly a closed Facebook cluster, creating it secure from spammers. we are able to decide it the little sib of the Advanced cluster despite it having over 29k members. this can be as a result of it’s a lot of suited to folks of every type, beginners and everyone.

    It’s wherever folks head to get answers to basic WooCommerce queries and acquire recommendations from different WooCommerce users.

    WooCommerce Support Forum

    This is the most forum that needs you to register with WordPress thus you'll be able to gain access. WooCommerce developers and different advanced community members are to blame for leading the discussions.

    As much as it’s an excellent place to begin if you have got queries, you would possibly end up looking ahead to a second too long for a solution. this can be why the Facebook teams are our high picks.

  5. Aesthetic

    WooCommerce has access to warehouse management and POS systems that permit customers to travel through the method swimmingly. The organization of tools makes it look authentic right from the point in time. Customers will even track all their orders and check the delivery standing hassle-free.

Cons of WooCommerce

As much as WooCommerce appearance is good, it still encompasses a few shortcomings that some users may notice exhausting to overlook.

  1. It’s WordPress Specific

    WooCommerce remains a plugin; thus you can't use it in sites that WordPress doesn’t host. Such terms build it exhausting for already established businesses that may wish to use WooCommerce as a result of it means that they’ll have to be compelled to remake their website.

  2. it's several Expenses

    While it’s liberal to transfer and install WooCommerce itself, these extensions may need payment so your website will operate at optimum capability. this can be its biggest con as a result of it makes it desire there are hidden prices for business homeowners.

For example, if you would like a secure payment entry apart from Paypal, you’ll have to be compelled to foot the bill. Most of the extensions would force subscriptions which means that you’ll agitate the strain each year. they will take you back anyplace from $39-249$, counting on however advanced you would like your store to be.

WooCommerce Alternatives

WooCommerce Alternatives

WooCommerce is just about king once it involves WordPress E-Commerce plugins. Its professionals outweigh the cons creating it produce associate overall swish expertise for each customer and homeowners.

However, you would possibly like these alternatives if you have got a lot of specific wants that don’t need all the options that WooCommerce needs to supply.

  • Easy Digital Downloads

    It’s another free WordPress plugin whose primary focus is virtual products- music, eBooks, templates, images, PDFs, etc. the maximum amount as WooCommerce also can handle such transactions, it absolutely was at first created for businesses handling physical merchandise.

    Easy Digital Downloads encompasses a targeted niche thus it’s super quick. there's technically no large array of merchandise deceleration down the location since most retailers sell few merchandises that don’t even need shipping prices.

    You can set it up with straightforward Digital Downloads in no time as a result of its awfully straightforward computer program. chase and analyzing sales victimization the plugin is super straightforward also.

  • Shopify

    Shopify is superb therein it’s a full platform on its own. It doesn’t need WordPress for you to form your online store. It one-ups WooCommerce therein you would like not to worry concerning the code or backups. Shopify mechanically will do everything for you. The Platform is additionally easier to use, though it doesn’t supply flexibility like WooCommerce.

    However, Shopify can charge you a lot whenever your sales increase since the location is doing most of the work.

  • BigCommerce

    BigCommerce is an especially ascendible eCommerce builder that has plans ranging from $29.95. Its high plans will simply support firms like Toyota.

    It’s good for businesses that have already got a following on different platforms like Instagram and eBay). Business homeowners will sell their merchandise on those platforms whereas victimization BigCommerce to stay everything efficient.

    However, WooCommerce is going to be best for you if you’re merchandising merchandise on a little scale since it’s easier and cheaper to line up.

  • MemberPress

    MemberPress is one of the highest WordPress Plugins. It permits you to sell paid memberships if you supply services that need a subscription. it's straightforward valuation tales and supports several secure payment gateways for purchasers.

    It’s higher than WooCommerce if a membership website is all you would like to supply to customers. victimization WooCommerce would need you to use heaps of plugins. the method would eventually become too sophisticated and tire you out.

    However, if you furthermore might need to sell digital materials and physical merchandise, you'll be able to mix each MemberPress and WooCommerce as they complement one another nicely.

  • WPForms

    While WPForms can be not a fully-fledged eCommerce Plugin, it permits you to form straightforward payment forms on WordPress. it's Stripe and Paypal integrations to make sure that payments go on swimmingly. It’s higher than WooCommerce if you’re simply trying to find some way to gather fees while not attempting to open a full online store. Don’t expect it to handle advanced procedures like taxes although.

Why do developers choose WooCommerce?

Why do developers choose WooCommerce

To fulfill the client's requirements, developers can use WooCommerce to customize, develop and scale the online store. It will also meet the Client’s specification, making improvements through extensions and custom

  • Pulls hooks and filters to adjust or create functionality.
  • Speed up development with a lightning-fast CLI.
  • Combine practically some services using a robust REST API and webhooks.
  • Overlook and modify any aspect of the core plugin code.
  • With React Design and build custom content blocks.

In 2022, WooCommerce is an excellent option for start-up businesses. WooCommerce is the most recognized E-Commerce solution available today. The majority of all E-Commerce enabled websites use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is not just an autonomous platform. But it is also Open Source WordPress. WooCommerce works as a third-party integration within the greater scheme of WordPress.

In WooCommerce you find more than 400 extensions. You can find plugins for nearly any feature, functions designed to improve the resemblance of your store, increase conversions by analyzing customer behavior on your site and help you enhance your marketing efforts with email campaigns and special offers.

If you are a WordPress follower, or even if you are just appropriate enough with it to know how to create and maintain a website with it, WooCommerce might present you with benefits over other platforms.

WooCommerce also offers another advantage that you built a site with self-hosted WordPress technologies.

WooCommerce also provides a more reliable and safer environment to conduct your online business. Nowadays WooCommerce is very useful and cost-effective.

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